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Over the course of our history, we’ve helped countless property owners in our hometown of Milton Keynes to replace tired, old or uninspiring carpets; figuring out the client’s unique aesthetic taste and functional requirements lets us suggest fantastic products that can single-handedly improve a property throughout. But once we’ve finished our work and the client’s left to enjoy their new carpets, there still remains the need for their careful use and maintenance.

So in this latest instalment of the QC Flooring blog series, we’ve looked to provide advice to Milton Keynes clients on an essential aspect of this: effectively dealing with spillages as and when they occur. As an aside, if you have very young children or accident prone family members/pets, we’d recommend getting carpets that are inherently good at dealing with stains and spillages; ask our team for advice in this department, should you be keen. It always pays to be proactive, not ractive!

How to Clean Spillages on Carpets

Be Speedy – The quicker you deal with a spillage, the less likely it is you stain your carpets. Don’t leave it to later, spring to action!

Blot, Don’t Wipe – We’d urge Milton Keynes clients to use dry kitchen roll or a clean and dry cloth to blot the spillage. Remove any solid debris first. Avoid the urge to wipe, which may just spread the stain and mean it sets in further. After this stage, you can use a damp, warm cloth to dab the stain. Then dry it by blotting with a dry kitchen towel.

Patience is a Virtue – Don’t get frustrated if the stain isn’t immediately banished. Both losing patience and rubbing the stain, or over soaking it with water, can have a negative effect on the carpets in question.

The “Nuclear” Option – Some carpets, specifically the polypropylene stain-resistant varieties popular throughout busy and mess prone households in the Milton Keynes area, can be cleaned with a solution of bleach and warm water (ratio 1:6 parts). This can help clean stubborn stains that the aforementioned techniques struggle to deal with.

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