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When you think of carpets, there’s a lot that might come to mind: from the hardwearing utility of a loop pile Berber, to the sumptuous luxury of a textured cut pile you can really sink your toes into. As the Milton Keynes, Buckingham and Olney areas’ premier choice amongst carpets shops, we have a huge range of carpets suitable for everything from living rooms and bedrooms, to high traffic corridors or commercial environments.

These carpets are sourced from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, and we’re always keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s in vogue, so we have an array of stylish and sought-after options available to you. Some of the styles of carpet that we stock include:

Saxony Carpets – Ideal for bedrooms or lounges, they have a sumptuous, soft and deep cut pile. As such, they’re typically not chosen for high-traffic areas like hallways, which usually call for something a bit more durable.

Loop Carpets – A hardwearing option that does make sense for high-traffic areas. However, loop carpets are not ideal for Milton Keynes, Buckingham and Olney pet owners, as loops can easily catch claws and cause injury or carpet damage.

Berber Carpets – Manufactured from uncut loops of pile, these carpets utilise a unique knot effect to create a hardwearing and visually distinctive end product. Known for their affordability, they should also be avoided by pet owners for the same reason laid out above.

Cut & Loop Carpets – As the name might suggest, these incorporate a mixture of cut and looped pile; this effect can create eye-catching patterns and a palpable retro aesthetic.

Velvet Carpets – For unparalleled luxury, you can’t go wrong with velvet carpets. They have a very dense and short pile with an ultra-smooth feel to them; think cosy and soft under the toes!

A More Bespoke Approach

QC Flooring cuts all its carpets by hand, and specialises in creative and bespoke interior design, such as rooms employing multiple types of carpets that integrate to create an eye-catching and one of a kind aesthetic. We encourage clients in the aforementioned areas of Milton Keynes, Buckingham and Olney to visit us with quotes from larger, chain carpet shops; a big part of why we’re so popular amongst local customers, is that we match or beat quotes from competitors.

We also sell remnant carpets. These are made up of the ends of rolls and off cuts which, due to the limited amount available or the fact they’ve already been cut into a particular shape, are available at incredibly cheap discount prices. If you’re looking for a bargain, or want to get creative with some carpet-in-carpet designs, ask us about what we currently have in stock.

Traditional & Made-to-Measure Rugs

Based near Milton Keynes, Buckingham or Olney and looking to tie a room together with an attractive and soft-under-foot rug? We have a huge range available in all sorts of different colours and designs, made from a variety of materials. Whether you’re searching for something with a traditional, naturalist aesthetic, or something highly contemporary – our team will help you find something that lives up to exactly what you’ve got in mind.

Our rugs, some of which come in traditional fixed size configurations, and others which are made-to-measure, can serve as the perfect finishing touches to our carpets, laminate and vinyl flooring. Or, as a standalone purchase, they can help you breathe life into a room with existing flooring purchased a while ago.

For help finding the perfect carpets for your Milton Keynes, Buckingham or Olney property, call the friendly team at QC Flooring on 01908 378 270.

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