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Did you know that QC Flooring is the Milton Keynes area’s premier stockist of Karndean flooring products? We have an expansive range in stock at our showroom, and help clients navigate it to ensure they find the Karndean of their dreams!

It’s important to note that Karndean comes in a range of different formats; in the second of our blog posts, we’ve looked to run over these different formats so you can figure out what will best suit the intended application within your Milton Keynes property. Wish to discuss our Karndean products or book a consultation with our flooring specialists? Pick up the phone and call our Milton Keynes outlet on 01908 378 270.

Choosing Karndean Flooring Formats

Gluedown – The most popular Karndean format, at least amongst our Milton Keynes clients, is glue down. As the name suggests, this sees each plank or tile glued to a surface, which must be perfectly smooth. It’s a format that offers long lifespan and durability, with each plank sitting around 2.5-3mm thick, set all the way up against the skirting board.

There’s tons of choice, and glue down Karndean can emulate everything from natural oak to polished concrete. It can be laid in any pattern/style you’d like, such as a parquet or geometric pattern. Our flooring specialists will work alongside you to translate your ideas from the realm of imagination, to real life!

Rigid Core – In contrast to the previous format, rigid core Karndean is a floating floor that doesn’t require the use of adhesive. As a result, it needs to be a fair bit thicker, usually around 6.5mm, to give it stability. It’s secured with a click-clock mechanism, which makes installation within any Milton Keynes property quick and straightforward.

Advantages of rigid core include the surface its laid on doesn’t need to be totally even and smooth; so the amount of time and expense spent on subfloor preparation can be almost totally bypassed! Karndean’s Korlok range provides realistic wood emulation, with benefits of being a synethetic material, such as being waterproof and hygienic! Rigid core Karndean is also great for flat owners/renters around Milton Keynes who want to reduce noise exiting/entering their home.

Loose Lay – The newest of Karndean’s formats, loose lay incorporates a friction grip back which keeps each plank/tile secure without the need for gluing them down; but as with glue down Karndean, you will again require a well-prepared subfloor that is smooth, solid and dust free.

As with the other categories, loose lay Karndean can be bought in wood or concrete emulations, and like Rigid Core products there is a standard level of noise reduction that will prove attractive to many Milton Keynes property owners. So what’s the big difference between rigid core and loose lay? They don’t utilise a clock and lock system and can be easily lifted out/replaced if in need of maintenance or repair.

For more information about Karndean flooring formats, and the products we install for clients in and around Milton Keynes, call QC Flooring on 01908 378 270.

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