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In this final entry in our first round of blog posts, we’ve looked to spend some time mulling over luxury vinyl tiles, which we haven’t yet talked about. More specifically, we’ve run over some of the core benefits associated with these products, which we supply and install in Milton Keynes and its surrounds. If you’re more interested in discussing our product range – which includes not just luxury vinyl tiles but carpets, Karndean and more – then pick up the phone and dial 01908 378 270.

8 Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

  • 1. One of the key reasons our Milton Keynes clients cite for investing in luxury vinyl tiles over competing materials and formats, is the exceptional value for money they represent. There are luxury vinyl tiles available at a range of price points, so that whatever budget you have, you’ll have attractive options to meet your flooring requirements.
  • 2. Another core benefit associated with luxury vinyl tiles is their durability. There are products that can easily handle everything from everyday domestic use, to heavy foot traffic in key areas of commercial environments. Scratch, flame and moisture resistant, they can meet all sorts of needs and withstand all sorts of punishment! Well-maintained LVT can last 25-30+ years.
  • 3. These aforementioned traits lead us on to our next benefit: luxury vinyl tiles are incredibly versatile. Consider them not just for bathrooms and kitchens, but hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. As products are available in all sorts of colours and styles, you’ll be able to get creative and find something that perfectly suits the wider interior of your property.
  • 4. While some synthetic materials, especially those popular years ago but less commonly encountered in Milton Keynes properties these days, are seen as less warm and comfy under foot than coverings like carpets – luxury vinyl tiles avoid this drawback. They’re warm underfoot, and their depth/thickness lend them a cushioned feel. To make them feel even more luxurious, consider combining them with underfloor heating.
  • 5. If you’re looking to insulate the amount of noise heading in or out of your property, luxury vinyl tiles are ideal. The thickness we’ve already expounded upon absorbs a lot of noise, making LVT ideal for Milton Keynes flats, to reduce the chance you become that noisy neighbour and the subject of complaints!
  • 6. The topmost protective layer of luxury vinyl tiles means all you really need to do is wipe them down with a wet cloth or mop; this will deal will everyday spills and stains, while chemical cleaners can be employed for tougher jobs.
  • 7. There’s a reason why the word luxury is included in their name: they look amazing and are often hard to differentiate from the tiles or hardwood flooring products they’re emulating. They can also help you invest in your Milton Keynes property, whether you’re reimagining one room or investing in a total, from-the-ground-up refurbishment, and single-handedly contribute to raising its value.
  • 8. Another big benefit of luxury vinyl tiles is how quick and easy they are to install. Our team can install them on top of existing plywood and concrete subfloors to reduce time and expended on preparation. Some strips are click and lock, while others involve adhesive; we can help you figure out which will best suit the intended application, so call for advice.

To learn more about luxury vinyl tiles, or other flooring formats we install for clients in and around the Milton Keynes area, call QC Flooring on 01908 378 270.

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