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Picking the perfect products for a particular room or hallway can be a daunting prospect, especially when you’re presented so many options at well-stocked flooring shops and carpet shops like QC Flooring. In one area of a property, carpets might present a number of advantages over laminate flooring, for example; in another – the exact opposite situation arises. So, how do you make the right choice? The QC Flooring team, situated near Olney in Milton Keynes, provide some advice below…

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Property

1. Carpets – There’s simply no beating carpets when it comes to creating a warm and inviting feeling in bedrooms and living rooms, where bare feet will be comforted by the soft and cushioned feeling they’re famed for. But as carpet shops – like ours near Olney – are quick to point out, carpets are also very versatile and for every deep and delicate pile there is a hardwearing alternative. In short, there are many candidates in our range that will suit high traffic areas like hallways, and deal with the everyday messes created by clumsy kids, young pets or accident prone adults! Visit carpet shops like our own to see the variety available first hand.

2. LVT – One of the most popular modern products you’ll find in today’s flooring shops is LVT – short for luxury vinyl tiling. A drastic improvement from the lino of days gone by, LVT can mimic natural materials like wood and stone to great affect; what’s more, they’re cheaper and easier to maintain than the previous two options: a big draw for busy Olney homeowners who wish to minimise the time they spend sweeping, hovering and cleaning their floors.

3. Laminate – With a photorealistic image emulating hardwood, laminate features a multi-layered structure that makes it extremely hardwearing. It’s also much more suitable at dealing with high moisture environments, and environments that are high risk for spillages and stains, then traditional wood flooring and carpets.

4. Wood Flooring – With a timeless aesthetic that nods to antiquity, wood flooring is like no other option on the market. Home and business owners throughout Olney choose wood flooring when they’ll accept no compromise – finding LVT and laminate not quite to their tastes. With a range of engineered and solid wood flooring products to rival any other flooring shops in the Buckinghamshire areas, our team of installers ensure that the wood flooring you opt for is professionally integrated for a stunning finish that will impress any and all visitors.

For assistance choosing the perfect carpets and flooring for your property, call our friendly team on 01908 378 270. We’re proud to be known as one of the leading flooring shops near Olney.

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